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Clerk E-Certify is a fully automated online digital cerification service for Court Records.

With Clerk E-Certify, users can order and instantly receive certified copies of court dockets, marriage certificates, notices of commencements, property deeds and other Court Records through a secure web portal .

With Clerk E-Certify, recipients such as government agencies, public instituions, banks and others can easily authenticate electronic certificates as well as printed copies.

Built with the advanced cryptographic technology, Clerk E-Certify is an integral part of the Local Government Fraud Strategy to tackle document fraud while dramatically increasing efficiency in the Clerk's office.

  • Online
  • Real-time
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Environmental friendly

E-Verify Video

Applying state-of-the-art digitial encryption alogrithms and methods, Clerk E-Certify offers the most advanced document security with support for online certified copy ordering.

E-Verify Corner

Clerk E-Vertify provides two fast and easy ways to verify and authenticate your printed copies and electronic certificates in real-time.

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