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About Us

Clerk E-Certify is a fully automated online digital cerification service for official records.

With Clerk E-Certify, users can order and instantly receive certified copies of marriage certificates, notices of commencement, property deeds and other official records through a secure web portal .

With Clerk E-Certify, waiting customers such as banks, schools and title companies can review the original document for visual verification.

With Clerk E-Certify, added security measures safeguard against identity theft, life insurance fraud and property scams.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Time-saving
  • Secure
  • Intuitive
  • Environmental friendly


Applying state-of-the-art digitial encryption alogrithms and methods, Clerk E-Certify offers the most advanced document security in real-time service.

Digital Sigature

All electronic documents from Clerk E-Certify have been digitally signed and provided with authorship information.

E-Verify by Code

Each electronic document from Clerk E-Certify is uniquely identified by an encryption code. Upon users entering or scanning in the code, Clerk E-Certify will perform an automated verification process. Users may download the original offical record for visual comparison and confirmation.

E-Verify via File Upload

Users may upload a PDF document and Clerk E-Certify will perform an automated verification process.

Clerk E-Verify

Clerk E-Vertify provides two quick and easy ways to verify and authenticate your paper-copy and electronic document in real-time.

E-Verify by Code
E-Verify via File Upload

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